We advise our clients on the tax aspects of asset management and generational handover.

We are able to draft trusts and structure fiduciary entities for both family and business purposes.

Generational handover is one of the most sensitive stages of the business life, it is unavoidable and has to be managed with the due care in order not to harm the stability that made the business development possible over time.

In order to pursue a synergic generational take-over that is able to preserve both the mid and long term business productivity and a peaceful family life, it is necessary to take action responsibly and in due time.

Our role is to support the client in choosing the most efficient and cost-effective solution. There is a wide range of workable legal solutions for inheritance and gift tax planning, as well as for business management. Many of them can be also suitably combined.

Taxation plays a prominent role among the motivations of generational handover planning and it is always a priority not to weight on the new generation with an excessive tax burden.

We rely on a robust experience in this field and is able to assist the clients in all the steps of these crucial decisions.